Battery Reset

Battery Reset Feature

Many new vehicles utilize an energy monitoring system. This system regulates supply voltage to many electronic loads. As the battery in a vehicle ages, the energy monitoring system modifies the voltage and current supplied to compensate. When a new identical battery is installed, the energy monitoring system needs to be reset in order to immediately recognize the new load requirements. The RT-4000 Pro will reset the energy monitoring system allowing the vehicle to perform correctly.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Connect OBD II Cable to the device and then to the DLC connector of the vehicle.

Step 2

When the device turns "ON", select "VEHICLE"

Step 3


Step 4

Select the "MAKE" of the vehicle.

Step 5


Step 6

Press "ENTER to perform the service.

Note: The device will notify you if there is no communication between the device and the vehicle.