Electric Parking Brake Reset

Electronic Parking Brake Reset (EPB)

Replacing brake pads can be impossible without having a tool that properly collapses the calipers. For vehicles that include an Electric Parking Brake, this task must be done with an electronic device that will command the calipers to retract before replacing the brake pads and reset after they have been replaced. The RT-4000 Pro will allow the user to complete this operation quickly and simply.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Connect OBD II cable to the device and then to the DLC connector of the vehicle.

Step 2

When the device turns on, select "VEHICLE"

Step 3

Select "EPB" then EPB V30.32

Step 4

Select Make, Model & Model Type

Step 5

Read the instructions on the display of the device

Step 6

Press "ENTER" to perform the service.

Step 7

Note: The device will notify you if there is no communication between the device and the vehicle.