OBD II Generic Functions

Diagnostic Trouble Shooting Codes (DTC)

It can be a real problem when the “Check Engine” light comes on. Not everyone will have an expensive scan tool at their disposal. The RT-4000 Pro has the ability to read and clear Engine and Transmission codes on vehicles produced after 1996. Additional features include OBD II MODE protocols including live data. This basic tool can be useful in assisting technicians in diagnosing engine and transmission control issues.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Connect the OBD II cable to the device and then to the DLC connector of the vehicle.

Step 2

When the device turns "ON", select "Vehicle".

Step 3

Select "OBD II" and then select "OBD II V30.05".

Step 4

The device will provide "AUTO SCAN" and the OBD II protocols individually.

Step 5

Select "AUTO SCAN" and the tool will automatically scan the vehicle for OBD II codes with the correct protocol.

Step 6

If you already know the vehicles protocol, select the correct protocol on the tool.

Step 7

The device will search for the codes based on the protocol you selected.

Note: We recommend using the AUTO SCAN feature. The device will automatically select the correct protocol of the OBD II based on the MAKE, MODEL, and Year of the vehicle.