Oil Service Reset

Oil reset light service

After servicing a vehicle and changing the oil, it is important to reset the oil change minder. This will help the customer be reminded with an alert or light that it is time to service their vehicle. The RT-4000 Pro assists in resetting the light or minder. For vehicles that require a manual reset, the tool gives text instructions step by step. For those that can be set over the OBDII port, the RT-4000 Pro will reset the mileage in accordance with factory procedures.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Connect OBD II cable to the device and then to the DLC connector of the vehicle

Step 2

When the device turns "ON", select "VEHICLE"

Step 3

Select "OIL/SERVER RESET" and then select "OIL/SERVER RESET V31.56"

Step 4

Select Make, Year and Model (MMY)

Note: Some vehicles can be reset automatically and some manually.

Step 5

The device will prompt you to enter the percentage from 0-100% manually then press enter to reset the

Step 6

The device will prompt you step by step on how to reset the oil light through its manufacturing settings.

Step 7

The device provides three options to reset the oil light on Audi's and some other makes

I. Auto Reset will recognize the model of the vehicle automatically and reset the oil light

II. Select Vehicle - gives you the option to select model manually and then press Enter to reset the OIL System.

III. Help - provides step by step instructions on how to reset the oil system through its manufacturer settings